Sala – 3 Mounds: Re-play

sala 3 mounds

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“The signs on the old stone
Are silent
But the music of the barrows
Is still heard.”
(P. Panavas, poet from Utena)

3 Mounds: Re-play was recorded live in the studio, in the May 2014, using sound material (collected in April 2012) from the areas of the ancient places – mounds, which are located around Utena town. However, this is not a mapping of particular place or some kind of acoustic document. The album is free interpretation of a short time-space moment, reconstruction of details, conjuration of then and now.

Nolenai Mound: barbed wire, shrubbery, steps on fallen branches, wind inside empty cigarette box, rain on beer can, rain on plastic tubes…

Narkunai Mound: abandoned rail bridge, river, well and springs, dried bushes and grass, traffic on near road…

Siaudiniai Mound: reclamation ditch, tractor near and far, wrapped wire, drizzle on metal plate, wooden sign, bicycle, wind in leaves… And soundscapes everywhere.



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