If, Bwana – Moose y Squirrel

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The works on this expanded version of “Moose y Squirrel” were released on 2 extremely short run cdrs on the HVEXAS label. It is now a little difficult to remember the exact genesis of these works. They were recorded during a time of technical transition from dat to multitrack digital work station to computer based recording/processing. There is even some 2 track reel to reel source material in there. It is very gratifying to have this material available again and in on place.

My thanks to Yiorgis and Echomusic.

Al Margolis (If,Bwana)

Track list
1 Forks and Waves (2004)
2 Bike Boy (2004) Arp 2600, trumpet
3 What do the experts say about the Old Testament (2002) guitars, violin
4 Poppin’ (2003) Arp 2600, radio; Amplified water bottle (Dan Andreana); walkie talkies (Detta Andreana)
5 Wind Forks (2003) tuning forks

All works by Alan M. Margolis (BMI)
Originally issued as limited edition cdrs on Hvexas
Cover design by Debbie Goldberg


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