Francisco Meirino

Francisco Meirino ( b. 1975) lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland. He first began recording in 1994, using until 2009 the moniker Phroq. His music is a complex and constantly changing electronic soundscape, ranging from ultra dynamic electro-acoustics to sheer noise passages.
His music is widely published with work released through : Ground Fault Recordings / Entr’acte / Echomusic / Banned Productions / Even Stilte / Solpisism / Gameboy / Carbon / Obscurica / Truculent Recordings and he is own imprint: Shiver Sounds. Francisco Meirino has exhibited audio & visual works at : The Mostra d’Art Sonor I Visual, Barcelona, Spain / The Scenario Pubblico, Catania, Italy / The Standard – Deluxe art gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland.
He has performed live in various cities in Europe, Japan and USA, including at festivals surch as : Activating The Medium festival, San Francisco, USA / Musica Genera, Warsaw, Poland / Akousma, Montreal, Canada Observatori, Valencia, Spain / Norberg Electronic Festival, Norberg, Sweden / LUFF, Lausanne, Switzerland. He has also collaborated with the likes of : Micheal Gendreau / Zbigniew Karkowski / Scott Arford / Dave Phillips / Randy H. Y. Yau / Lasse Marhaug / Tim Olive / Mike Shiflet / Kiko C. Esseiva / Cindy Van Acker



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