Dimitris Kamarotos

Dimitris Kamarotos, composer and sound artist, has been using electronic sound from analog and digital sources as well as acoustic sources, instruments and amplified object-sounds. He followed the development of sound, first in the IRCAM during the ’80s then in the CCMR-KSYME center of Athens with the Polyagogy – UPIC unit created by Xenakis. In 1990  proposed and directed  a research program (joinning Nat. Tech Univ. of Athens and KSYME Center)  to create a first data base and an automated comparison tools for environment recordings through Greece (HXE project). He is collaborating with Nikos Kyriazopoulos on projects creating dense analog generated wave clusters into spaces where audience can change the received spectral contents of sounds by altering their hearing position.


 dimik (at) otenet (dot) gr


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